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The Literati Writers is a private online writers' group that empowers your writing to flourish.

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Are you a reluctant writer?

Tired of not committing to your writing goals?

Is your voice dying to be heard?

How to finally commit to your writing journey?

The Literati Writers is an online writers' group that brings conscientious creative, self-starters and writers of all levels into a safe, protected space where they can explore writing and express themselves fully (without fear of judgment or criticism).

Founded by writing coach and teacher Dave Ursillo.

Request your invitation to learn more about what our unique online writers' group can do for you.

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- A safe, judgment-free space to express and explore your words

- Access your inner creativity

- Demystify your writing goals

- Find clarity + presence in your self-expression

- Never feel alone or misunderstood again

- Personal guidance from an 11-time author

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Weekly Writing Prompts
What to write about? Receive a new writing prompt (a creative or reflection exercise) in your writing panel, every week. You can reply in-site to share with fellow members, or keep your words offline and private.
Monthly Author Interviews
Get a dose of monthly inspiration by listening to an engaging, thought-provoking conversation between founder Dave Ursillo and a guest writer or author. These earnest conversations will guide you into a happier, healthier relationship to self-expression.
10-Week Writing Course
Write to Live is the new self-guided writing course that guides your Literati Writers experience! Redefine your relationship to writing in a loving, nourishing, nurturing way. A revolution is afoot!

"The Literati Writers is a 'different' kind of writers' group. There is no competition, pressure or criticism here. Instead, space, encouragement and gentle accountability will help you truly learn how to flourish."

Dave Ursillo, Founder of The Literati Writers
Lifelong Writer, 11-Time Author and Certified Yoga Teacher
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